Season 1 Fashion Week Recap | Kinsman Swim

Season 1 Fashion Week Recap

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Ok, we’re a tad late here (by a year), but nonetheless, giving you a recap of our first season of LA Fashion Week (Season 7 for the organization).
Gigi Angelini in Kinsman Swim Signature Collection

Gigi Angelini in Kinsman Swim Signature Collection

This was Kinsman Swim’s first time displaying the full Signature Swim Collection, while also featuring 2014 resort looks, and exclusive creations for Style Fashion Week guests.

The brand teamed up with local jewelry lines, LovMely, A. Marie Jewelry, Alexa Mitchell Designs, and Impressionist Designs, all coming together to put on the Shipwrecked theme, mermaid-inspired runway show had everyone talking.

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer became a proud contributor on the runway for LAFW, on the nails of all the Kinsman Swim models. Their precious metals high-end line boasts 24k gold nail polish amongst other colors and elements.

Kinsman and her models were flooded with requests as they exited the runway. “This is a proud moment,” Kinsman stated, “and our talented models looked so exquisite on runway.”
LA Live - Staples Center

LA Live – Staples Center

When asked about her upcoming plans, the designer disclosed, “I’ve already begun designing the 2015 Collection, and can’t wait to make our next show even better, if that’s at all possible.” Kinsman Swim has plans to expand the line to appeal to a broader market, including menswear and active wear.

Style Fashion Week LA is the largest, most influential fashion event of the season, and LA is the country’s hot spot for swimwear. Official Hair Sponsor FHI Heat and Makeup Sponsor Starlooks Pro Cosmetics, teamed up to give the Kinsman Swim models a look of wavy beach curls and makeup with an under-the-sea look and feel.

Of course, Kinsman Swim would like to send a huge “Thank You” to LA Style Fashion Week for bringing the line to the stage; models, volunteers, guests, and staff. We couldn’t have done any of this without you!
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Brought to life in Southern California, Kinsman Swim exemplifies a dramatic combination of top shelf lingerie and high end luxury swimwear. Each piece is hand sewn with the utmost detail to provoke the highest inherent quality in each Brazilian cut design. Small, perfect, and bold, these distinct and intricate swim separates are pushing the envelope in poolside luxury.