Anna Salman Still Shocks Us (In A Good Way) | Kinsman Swim

Anna Salman Still Shocks Us (In A Good Way)

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When Anna arrived at the fitting for Kinsman Swim in our first season of LA Style Fashion Week, her look, her wild style, and her sweet demeanor blew me away. I was thrilled to work with her, and it was an honor that she came back for a second season on the runway. This full time jewelry designer and model is one of LA’s gems, and we have some work to do together in the near future.
Which types of modeling do you primarily focus on? What is your favorite and why?
I’m mostly focused on doing commercial and print work. Runway is super fun too! I say ‘yes’ those types of jobs that I feel will benefit me the most as a model and a brand, Salmannsa.

When did you first start into modeling?
I first started back in Sweden when I was 17 years old. My first shoot was with a photographer name Rolex for Zolex Models. Honestly I didn’t know anything about posing or what have you. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to look beautiful on the finishing photos lol…

What is your favorite part of modeling? How has it impacted your life?
My favorite part of modeling is to be able to inspire other new models. I’m very comfortable with me as a person and my body. I’m now doing it for myself and not to fit in what the society think a model should do or look like. I have my own look and style and I’m sticking to it.

If you could plan your ideal photo shoot with you as the model, what would this entail?
I’m actually planning a photo-shoot with me as the main model to represent my own jewelry line, SalmannsaJewelry. I can’t reveal all the details yet but it’s going to be Epic!

What is your passion? Dream job?
Eventually design my jewelry full time and be able to create fashion/art.

What is your biggest goal as a model?
To stick to what you feel is right for yourself and not copy others or listen to the wrong type of ppl that gives you all types of advice. Listen to yourself because you know what’s right for you no one else.

Where can people find you online?
My website: or Instagram:

Can you describe shooting with Kinsman Swim?
Joanna is one of my role models she is just amazingly creative with a huge humble heart. It’s rare that you find people like that in this type of industry. I’m always exited to see what type of concept/theme she will create each fashion show. Can’t wait for the next StyleFW.
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Thank you SO much Anna! This means so much, and it’s such a blessing to have met and have become dear friends and colleagues. All my love!
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